Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So, two years between blog entries.  I take my time, but this is ridiculous!  Hopefully I will stay more on top of this.

This is the end of a busy month in tap.  May has National Tap Day in it and many events happen surrounding this.  I was fortunate to be part of the Queens Tap Extravaganza, The NY Tap Extravaganza and Laraine Goodman's (along with Allison Plamondon) show at La Mama Galleria.  And now that school (Bloomfield College) is over for the year, I can try and get to Michela Marino Lerman's tap jam at Small's Jazz Club in Greenwich Village.  Oh yeah, I did a tap duet at Bloomfield College as part of its frist faculty talent showcase.  My partner was Nicole Franklin, who teaches Broadcast Journalism at the College but was a once chorus line dancer!  It was a lot of fun to do.

I think it's a great time in tap, with a lot of young people doing interesting stuff, with a lot of enthusiasm.  One of the things happening is that a number of short tap based films have been done in recent years, "Tap Heat", "The Rise and Fall of Miss Thang", "Gone" and "The Scroll".  An upcoming example of this trend is a film called, "Nostalgia" with a number of the current top tappers including, Chloe Arnold, Jason Samuels Smith and Dule Hill.  I'm not sure when it will be available, but here is a teaser for it.

More thoughts on the current state of tap will be forthcoming....before two years go by!